Hey! I'm Mélissa…

but you can call me Mél.

I’m a Graphic Designer focusing on online presence + first impression. I help business owners like you look good online…

Want to DIY? As a Canva Verified Expert,
I’ll teach you all the Canva hacks!

I create + sell digital products and mentor those who want to monetize Canva. I’ll show you how you can create the high-fun, low-stress business (and life) of your dreams. 

Things I could tell you about...

I could tell you about the impressive results of my clients, my 15 years of customer service experience or the dozens of businesses I helped grow and scale. But what I’m most proud about is my degree from the school of life…

When I was 18 and most girls my age were only starting to think of their careers, I became a mom — in a new city where I had to learn English from scratch and didn’t know anybody. I quickly discovered what I was made of. Life wasn’t always easy back then, but I’ve always had a roll-my-sleeves-up-and-let’s deal-with-it attitude about it. Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions! 

Canva has become a huge part of my life back in 2017. Little did I know that this newer app, would help me build an online business that I totally love, but that also supports my lifestyle and my family.

Canva is my jam.
My mission is to make it easy for biz owners to use Canva
and inspire designers to create freedom while monetizing Canva

My non-negotiables…

So let’s just say I’ve had to figure out how to get the most of my time without sacrificing quality moments with my family, a non-negotiable to me.

My business wasn’t an overnight success… It took time, patience, trial and errors. From working 1:1 with design clients, serving the Canva Community, teaching Canva + Design and creating digital products, I’ve created some pretty kickass marketing, social media and sales blueprints in the process. 

Now my mission is to be your biz BFF!

I’ve felt burned out, exhausted, and alone on my entrepreneurship journey and have learned many hard lessons so you don’t have to.

Ready for kickass visuals? Or maybe you're a designer ready for more money?

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